LEGO Friends

Episodes 1-4: Welcome To Heartlake City

The five girls realize that their beloved city needs some help, and by combining their diverse creative thinking, they form a super team of ordinary girls doing extraordinary things. As they experience their city going down the drain with trash, graffiti and people doing nothing. They choose to take matters into their own hands. Emma wants to brighten up the city and their surroundings with her own artwork, but these gets painted over by Heartlake's own streetartist, Pranksy. In their hunt to find out where Pranksy resides, the Heartlake City heroes stumble upon an abandoned firehouse, which the girls also want to fix up and make it their own crimebusting main office – and calls it the Friendship House. Are they able to find out who Prasnky really is and will they find a way to improove their beloved city?

Episodes: Welcome To Heartlake City / Friendship House / Sister Act / Into Woods
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