Jeff Leighton

55 Laws of Real Estate Investing

55 Laws – Learn The Best Concepts And Tactics For Succeeding In Real Estate Investing In The Fastest Amount Of Time Possible
This is it…55 of the most powerful concepts in real estate investing. This collection of information are the best ideas, strategies, tactics, and more that I have learned over the last 10 years as a real estate investor.
55 Laws are designed to give you all the information in an easy to read and practical guide with real-life examples and the lessons I learned. This book covers all aspects of real estate investing from rehabbing, wholesaling, rentals, commercial, and more.
Real Estate Investing Made Simple!
In this book, you'll discover:
•  3 types of marketing you must do to find deals in any market
•  How to do an additional 3-5 deals per year using this one strategy
•  Step-By-Step examples for building real estate systems
•  How to get to the next level as a real estate investor
•  What the successful real estate investors know about evaluating real estate deals
•  How to use setbacks and failures to your advantage
•  And much more…
That's just an overview of what you'll find in the 55 Laws Of Real Estate Investing! If you're tired of the same old real estate books with information that you’ve heard over and over again, then you need to check this book out.
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Jeff Leighton
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