Shantnu Tiwari

The Chosen One (is an Idiot)

The World is going to end in three days. Humanity faces its biggest danger yet…
The world needs a hero. A true warrior. A brave soul willing to fight the forces of evil.
Instead, it has Nikki—a college student trying to save the world in her pyjamas and pink fluffy slippers.
Nikki finds herself thrown in the middle of supervillains, demons, politically correct cultists, and worst of all, they all seem to think she is the Chosen One and want her dead. This is her first time as the Chosen One, so she doesn’t have much experience (plus the pay sucks).
Can Nikki save the world, or has the Committee for Choosing Chosen Ones (CCCO) made a mistake this time?

Interview with the Author
Q: So what is the book about?
A: You know all these books/movies with the Chosen One trope? Some random guy becomes the Chosen One and suddenly gets all these superpowers?
Well, I thought, what if the Chosen One was incompetent, had no powers and didn’t even want to be there?
To make the story work, the threat is real. The world will end in 3 days. Just the Chosen One is not special, she is literally a college dropout who would rather just drink hot chocolate.
Q: Where did you get the inspiration from?
A: I got bored of chosen one books/movies. The chosen one is usually the most boring character in the story. They are completely useless, then they get powers, and then they defeat villains who have been fighting for years. Yawn.
In my book, Nikki has no powers, she doesn’t want to be a heroine, but everyone thinks she is the Chosen One and so they want to kill her. And so, she is forced to try to save the world. In her pink pyjamas and fluffy bunny slippers.
Q: Who would enjoy the story?
A: People who like their fantasy with a dash of humor.
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