Sankar Srinivasan

William D. Gann's Simplified Stock Market Theories

No Charting, no technical analysis skills needed for stock trading. Trade with help of simple mathematical calculations.
This book is collection of GANN SQUARE OF 9, GANN MIDPOINT, GANN ANGLE THEORY & FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT. I am explaining Gann's theories in a simple way with few examples, and its adoptability in modern day online trading. Read it and mail me with proof of this purchase, and get excel sheets with readymade calculations, to take immediate trading decisions.
GANN MIDPOINT is for Intraday Small Cap trading
GANN SQUARE OF 9 is for Intraday Large Cap, commodity & futures trading
GANN ANGLE is for Delivery trading
FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT is for Intraday forex trading.
Sankar Srinivasan is from Madurai City, Tamil Nadu, India. He is having more than 10 years of experience in Technical Analysis and Online Trading. He is conducting Technical Analysis and GANN Theory Classes for Online trading customers. He is heading a sub-brokership for Indian Stock Trading, and providing technical guidance to lot of Stock, Commodity and Forex Traders in India. Moreover, He is a National Stock Exchange of India's Certified Market Professional.
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