Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Cave Girl (Annotated)

This is the annotated version of the original book. This book is of about 30000 words approximate. We had annotated this book by adding summary of approximate 10000 words at the end of the book.
We are offering this book at approximate 30% to 40% discount as a promotional activity.
The Cave Girl is a lost world novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. Originally published in two separate stories, The Cave Girl began in February 1913 and published by "All-Story" in July, August, and September 1913; and The Cave Man began in 1914 and published by "All-Story Weekly" throughout March and April 1917. The book version was first published by A. C. McClurg on 1925-03-21. In August 1949, Dell Paperback published a version with a map captioned "Wild Island Home of Nadara the Cave Girl Where Violence and Bloodshed Rule.
This is another one of his excursions away from Tarzan. Its a story of a castaway (surprise) in equatorial Africa and his journey to survival, he meets a Cave Girl (the romantic angle) who teaches him the arts of survival etc etc and in the end all works out quite well for both of them.
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