Wade Lewellyn-Hughes


Taking place prior to the events in OPPROBRIUM, TENETS is a twisting story that can be enjoyed on its own or used to supplement the larger narrative of the series, revealing the events that led Stille van Veen to join the Ukrestian monastery.

After a break from his older brother’s shadow, Stille van Veen returns with his mercenary band to his home island of Lekelith. Rumors relay strange events across the island: lowlander villagers are being abducted, prisoners have escaped from the Five Snakes, and Racinian nobles are being assassinated. But his band has their own mission to fulfill. Little do they realize how intertwined these events truly are.
A secret society seeking to enslave the magi and to restore Merith’s rule, a god’s relic, and an unrelenting necromancer force Veen down paths that demand sacrifices. For the greater good.

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