Jason C. Johnson Sr.

The 40 Day Fire

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The 40 Day Fire
The 40 Day Fire is a 40-day journey intended to light a fire underneath you! From time to time, all of us need a little push. This book will sometimes cause you to laugh and at other times will lovingly give you a kick in the pants to help you to stay on course.The author's intention: help you to burn away everything in your life that is currently standing in the way between you and your destiny.The 40 Day Fire will help you to keep your heart and mind in line with whom God has created you to be and with the vision that He has given to you, and only you, to fulfill.Featuring Exclusive new music from Johnsonian Theory!From the AuthorMy challenge to you as you listen to this audiobook I am asking you to do one simple thing: make a small sacrifice now that can have a major impact on the remaining portion of your life. You have countless obstacles, enemies, mental roadblocks, challenges of faith. These enemies can threaten your potential success in life. Every decision that you make in life will ultimately reveal your destiny. What is destiny? Look at the prefix of that word (destin-). Destiny is related to the word destination. Your destiny is wherever you are destined to be.
It's not about perfection. If that were the case, then I would be doomed because I've made numerous poor choices over the course of my life. However, the difference is found in the heart behind the choices that we make on a consistent basis. We all make mistakes but if you are intentional about your life having meaning, then it will. Your purpose is the reason that God created you, and it is only by making wise choices, only possible by relying upon God for wisdom, that we can see through the fog and burn away the dross at all costs.
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