The Seed Who Refused to Receive

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"Not every tale has a beautiful end... but they all have a beautiful lesson we can learn from."

There are countless kinds of seeds on this gorgeous green Earth, but nearly all need the same two things to grow:

sunshine, and water.

Once upon a time, on a sunny farm run by a carefree planter, there was ONE particularly loud and stubborn seed, that wanted NOTHING to do with either one! Take an astonishing journey into the secret life of plants, from the point of view of one seriously sour seed. 

What if seeds could talk? Hopefully they wouldn't be THIS high strung!

Listen and discover what became of that strange little seed, in a cautionary fable from lifelong writer Robe that will capture the mind of children and adults.

Remember: behind every twisted tale, is a lesson worth listening to tell.

• Made in the USA

• Recommended for readers of fairy tales and Aesop's Fables

• Suitable for all ages

• Reading to young children helps grow vocabulary organically

• Giving is important - but so is receiving!
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