Ann Omasta,Callie Love

His First Time: Beau

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Fiona is beautiful and built… perfect for a hot, sexy fling.
But she claims to be my wife. Yes, I said wife. Yikes.
If that’s the truth, why don’t I remember her?

I’m Beau Wallace. If you don’t know my name, then you don’t follow racing.

Car racing is the love of my life. It’s what I know, what I do, and what I live for.

The doctors say that I had a bad accident on the track, but I have no memory of it.

Apparently, I also have a loving wife, named Fiona. I don’t even recognize her.

How am I going to weasel my way out of this mess?

Will Fiona be able to make her gorgeous, race car-driving husband, Beau, fall in love with her all over again? Find out now by listening to His First Time: Beau.

The Hot Shots of Romance Quickies are scorching short stories featuring sexy heroes, curvy heroines, seductive insta-love, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily-ever-after endings. Start anywhere. Binge-read them all. Grab Beau now and enjoy a perfectly-portioned taste of steamy romance to satisfy your craving.


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