James Fickes

Anxiety: How to Identify and Manage Anxiety and Stress (Developing A Habit of Positive Thinking)

An insight into Depression and Anxiety, with tips and guidance on how to manage your own mental health and what to do if you should need help

Here's what you get with this book:
·        A Guide to Improve your Relationship (Step-by-Step)
·        Clean your brain whit Special Process easy-to-read
·        Fast method to Decluttering Negative Thoughts (Made Easy)
·        The best Effective Strategies for Improving Relationship
·        A list of benefits about Meditation and Mindfulness
·        The Simple Guide to improve your Sleep (Very Important for your mental benefits)
·        How to Creating a Passion to improve your Goals
·        12 Reasons Why Overthinking Kills Your Happiness
·        And so much more!
It's easy to fall into a trap about overthinking negative thinking (about our future, anxiety, our work, our relationship ecc) when we're in more stress and when we aren't carefree.
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James Fickes


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