Hayden Kan

SUPER FOOD FOR BRAIN - Your Brain Is What You Eat

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Publisher's Summary
Discover the important connection between the food that we daily consume and the affect on these foods on our brain.
Do you know that your brain is what you eat ? The foods that we eat directly affect our brain"s ability to focus, learn, remember, create, analyze new ideas, and maintain a healthy, balanced mood.
When you eat the right food , our brain will work optimally , and therefore , it helps in work productivity , a more positive life and happier life .
These healthy super brain food needs not to be expensive , special or "imported from overseas" . It is food that we can get in normal grocery shop .
If you are looking for great food for your brain to Think Smarter, Positive, Productive and Learn Faster While Protecting Your Brain for life , this is the ebook that you must have !

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