Ann-Marie Richards

The Pretend Wife (A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist)

"WOW! What a Great read! This book captures you from the very start & doesn't let go." 5-STAR Review 
"Great story! I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting." 5-STAR Review
"It's an edge of your seat read with a totally unexpected ending!" 5-STAR Review
"A gripping and amazing mystery." 5-STAR Review
One of them is lying…
He doesn't have a wife. Not anymore. So who is this woman claiming to be his spouse? And what does she want from him?
When newlywed housewife Julia Windsmith returns home after a much-needed break, she is shocked to find the locks changed to her beautiful house on the beach. She pounds on the door in a wave of panic. When Dan, her beloved husband, opens the door, she asks him why he's changed the front-door lock. Confused, he asks her who she is and tells her he's never seen her before in his life…
Is Julia having another meltdown? Is her mind playing tricks on her again? Did she fabricate this relationship? Has her whole life been a complete lie?
A riveting suspense filled with deception, lies, and a scandalous cover-up.
One of them is lying…the other is dying to tell the truth.
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