Susan Borian

Parenting Strategiest

Discover the most effective parenting strategies and find support and guidance as you help your children manage ADHD

Kids are hyperactive and so full of energy that parents sometimes find it difficult to keep up with them. However, parenting becomes more challenging if your children have a short attention span and can’t seem to focus, or control their emotions. At first, parents might think that their child is misbehaving without realizing that these symptoms are part of ADHD. But, ADHD is a common condition diagnosed in childhood. Did you know that approximately two to five percent of children suffer from ADHD? If you’re a parent or a carer of an ADHD child, you may feel stressed, frustrated, or even at times hopeless. Would you like to:

This life-changing book will greatly improve your and your child’s life, and it’ll help you find mutual understanding for each other. Throughout the chapters of this proven guide, you’ll get introduced to:

-Behavioral characteristics and most prominent causes of ADHD;

-How bad or good parenting affects ADHD children;

-Actionable tips to ease parenting and get through the worst episodes;

-Invaluable advice on improving school performance of children with ADHD;

-Effective therapies and recommended diets for kids with ADHD;

-How to help your children to improve their social skills;

-Never-before-seen strategies for parents of ADHD kids;

...and much more!

This exceptional book will show you how to build a positive and loving relationship with your child, how to help your child be a normal part of society, and become the best parent!
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