Cynthia Mendoza

Shifter Romance: DOMINATED IN PARADISE - The Elephant Shifter Prince Book 2

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Part 2 of An Exhilarating 2 Part Elephant Shifter Romance Series 

WARNING: The content inside is very explicit, and may result in unnatural levels of arousal - 18+ Audiences ONLY

After Kelly discovers the wonderful palace of the Thai prince, it seems like some kind of destiny was fulfilled, like she was meant to find this place. It all feels so right, but at the same time, something keeps pulling her back home. Her career, her friends, her boyfriend...

All of these things mattered, but not anymore, not out in the Thai jungle...not with the billionaire prince by her side, a man who knows her better than she knows herself, and one who knows just how to please her. How could she ever let go of this dream-turned-reality for her old life?

Make sure to read PART ONE before getting started with this one!

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