Herbert George Jenkins

The Return of Alfred

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Product text: The Return of Alfred is a novel about a man returning from the war, whose identity is mistaken. Excerpt from the book: "Direct Action planted James Smith, suit-case, and a raincoat in the middle of the county of Norfolk at ten o'clock one night, with rain imminent. After wandering aimlessly about, he approached a large house and rang the bell. The butler immediately recognized him as Mr. Alfred, the missing son of the house. From that point, "Smith" found himself in for an exciting time. Not only had he inherited the friends of "Mr. Alfred," but the odium of his misdoings. Protestations were useless. "He's lost his memory, the poor lamb," said his old nurse, and everybody clutched joyfully at this explanation. Extraordinary complications ensued, and the most impossible situations arose, because the actual Alfred was—well, not all he ought to have been. Then there was Marjorie—the worst complication of all." Artist Bio Author: Herbert George Jenkins (1876-1923) was a British writer and the owner of the publishing company. His most popular fictional creation was Mr. Joseph Bindle.
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