Marie Kelly

Enticed by a Thug Love

He’s rude, judgmental, intimidating and everything you don’t want in a man, yet for some reason you find yourself enticed by a thug love—well that’s what happens when three women cross paths with the Ramsey men.

Kanada Alton is a twenty-six-year-old mother who finds herself homeless by the hands of her baby father. With her only hope to find her parents who moved to another state, she sets out for New
York and in doing so she crosses paths with Alvaro "Wrath" Ramsey—the King of New York. Their meeting is anything but pleasant when Kanada makes a mistake leaving Wrath believing
she’s an unfit mother. Still, he finds himself having to help the young mother and soon Kanada finds herself falling for the rude Wrath. But is her past really that? And can Wrath overlook what brought them together?

A’Moya Morse is in the wrong place at the wrong time, which leads her in the path of Pharaoh "Legion" Ramsey—or was it destiny? Their worlds collide on that one night and despite Legion
being a man that’s carrying too many demons and believes he’s too damaged to love, A’Moya finds herself drawn to him, even when he tries to push her away. However, eventually he gives in. But when
he reveals a life-changing secret to her, was he right when he said that he was too damaged for love?

Nothing in life usually bothers Dior Alfred, except drug dealers. She hates everything about them and what they do, for personal reasons. So when she meets Jashawn "Surge" Ramsey he is the
prime example of why she hates them so much. But soon Surge’s life is in danger and the same person who hates him ends up helping him. And while doing so, Dior falls for the same person she grew to
hate. Their connection is real and neither is willing to let the other go, but their paths were connected long before they met—in a way they didn’t expect. So what happens when they have no choice but to walk away?
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