Barbara Berger

Gateway to Grace

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This is a book about transformation. The transformation of our lives—your life and mine—and the transformation of the life of Planet Earth.

This transformation is the crucial event of our time. It is an event so profound that it entails not just the transformation of individual consciousness, but one that encompasses the transformation of the planetary consciousness as well.

We all long for that State of Grace, which means freedom and bliss. And we are all moving, with Grace, into that magical State of Grace.

This book describes the tools you need to get there. The tools which are your Boarding Pass to Higher Consciousness. Each one gives you a practical and highly effective way to raise your consciousness so that you can experience Grace and enjoy your natural birthright—a life filled with freedom, bliss, love, health, happiness and abundance.

To claim our natural birthright is to transform life on Planet Earth.

“Barbara’s most poetic self-help book.”
Tim Ray, author of the Starbrow series

BARBARA BERGER is known and loved around the world for her many books about the amazing power of the mind including her international bestseller “The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul”, which is published in more than 30 languages and has sold some one million copies worldwide. For more, see
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