Gemma Cates

A Touch of Wicked

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A spicy hot Van Helsing sister adventure, featuring Morgan Van Helsing, the wicked sister.
My sisters call me wicked, and I am...just not for the reasons they think.
I have a secret. A fiery, forbidden-magic secret.
My sisters have no idea we don't share a father. They think I'm one of them; I'm not. They have no idea what I am.
I hunt alone, because gods forbid my family members find out I'm an elemental witch.
I've never had a partner.
Not until Aiden blackmails me.
I'll help him with his little dragon problem, but after that we're done.
Well, after we close his dragon case, and I f*ck him out of my system.
Warning from the author: This book contains steamy, sexy shenanigans, enough naughty words to make someone (not me) blush, a lone-wolf monster hunter who needs a partner more than she realizes, and an ice witch who's anything but cold.
Gemma Cates


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