Simon Brett

Mrs Pargeter's Patio

When widow Mrs Pargeter has her morning coffee, her intention is to admire her beautiful garden in peace and quiet. Little does she expect one of the patio's paving slabs to crack in two, revealing a human skull with a neat hole in the middle of its forehead! Mrs Pargeter decides to investigate. And who better to assist than her late husband's 'business associates', private investigator Truffler Mason and chauffeur Gary? The trio are soon certain that a murder has been committed and the body disposed of under some convenient building works. But who is the victim? And more importantly, who put the body under Mrs Pargeter's patio? Mrs Pargeter and her friends must find out the truth before suspicion turns towards the late Mr Pargeter, whose business dealings Mrs P remains - naturally! - in blissful ignorance of . . .
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