Twelve More, David Farrell
David Farrell

Twelve More

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'Twelve More' short stories about deception, infidelity and the supernatural from Australian Author David Farrell. It answers questions like: How do you steal a someones fingerprints? What is the formula for success? Why is Alan always in the bath? and many more. This collection includes stories of lost love, supernatural curses, murder, hypnosis, inspiration and things that happen in motels and public bathrooms. This collection of fictional tales is a sequel to his novel 'Twelve' which came out in January 2019.
'Twelve More' features the following stories: Home Security, The Formula, Curse of the Werewolf-Zombie-Alien, Eavesdropping, Parking Queen, Daisy, Can I Buy You a Drink?, Party Favours, Inspiration, Parasite, Gaps and Two of a Kind.
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Twelve More, David Farrell
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Twelve More, David Farrell
Twelve More
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