Zachary Phillips


Indulge in an intoxicating world of desire and dominance with Kink, Volume 3, a scintillating collection of erotic poetry that delves into the depths of passion, pain, and pleasure.
From the subtle dance of power dynamics, to the fiery embrace of submission, and the promise of unspoken fantasies made real, each poem in this sultry collection pushes the boundaries of lust, inviting readers to shed their inhibitions, explore their limits, and surrender to the allure of sex, kink and BDSM.
Broken into four sections: flirting, foreplay, fun, and fulfillment, this collection will guide you through the subtle art of seduction, to the cheeky push and pull of foreplay, to the unrestrained crescendo of love's most intimate, passionate, and thrilling moments, and then beyond into aftercare and connection.
- from “disrespect” -
i would love
to respectfully
disrespect you
- from “I Crave” -
… our breath
in harmony
our movements
a dance
our essence
i invite you in
take me
to that special place
of total physical and spiritual release
where orgasm and tears and rage sit balanced upon a knife’s edge
just waiting for you
to choose
how i am allowed to release …
- from “Use Your Words” -
Before we play
I will make you
Ask me
And explicitly
For what you want
I will tell you
In no uncertain terms
That unless
You use your words
You will not get anything
You will learn
To voice
Your darkest desires
And deepest depravities
You will learn
That if you ask nicely
For what you want
You may just get it
- from “trust” -
if you
trust me
to use you
i will
that you
get everything
you didn’t know
you desired
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