Viki Storm

Captured by the Alien Warrior

A warrior owns what he is able to take. And I take her. She's trembling in a closet, hiding from the raiding party invading her human settlement. Hiding from me. I collar her. I own her. She's mine by law.
As the Captain of the Imperial Guard, I've sworn a solemn oath to have no mate, sire no offspring. Oath-breakers are traitors, executed without a second thought. Let them try. I'll beat them all for a chance to claim my mate.
I just want to go home. Except, I don't have one. These alien bastards burned it to the ground. And the biggest bastard of them all put a collar around my neck. He parades me around on the end of a leash like I'm his newest pet.
My clothes are torn, and my body is exposed, and there's about 100 alien warriors looking at me like they can't wait to have a turn. He keeps me safe from the horde. I'm his lawful captive, his property - and he doesn't want to share. But will he fight this hard to protect me when he finds out who I really am?
Contains mature themes.
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