Zachary Phillips

Bound to the Wings of a Butterfly

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Bound to the Wings of a Butterfly is a collection of poetry, written as an act of writing therapy. It is about healing, recovery, and self-acceptance. About the journey of discovery that comes with true internal healing, and about transforming our lives, towards positivity, beauty, and love.

It introduces the process of writing poetry to heal. Breaking down the barriers to artistic expression, empowering the reader to pick up a pen, look inside, and let the words flow. Encouraging them to brave the darkness and to discover the light.

From the author,

‘I called this book, ‘Bound to the Wings of a Butterfly’, as a play on the old chaos theory adage, that suggests that small events can have large scale and unpredictable impacts upon the future. Each of the poems within, harks back to such events: childhood neglect, abuse, fear, and confusion. On a universal scale, these events are so personal as to be seemingly irrelevant. Yet, in my small world, they left a lasting mark that continues to reverberate into the future. They are the direct, or indirect, cause of the poems within this book. They are also responsible for me choosing to share it publicly.

I write to heal. I share my work to help others recover, connect, grow, and create for themselves. I share to reduce the stigma around mental illness. I share to normalise the exploration of the complex mazes that are our inner worlds. Thus, there is a direct causal link between the events of my past, and you reading these words right now. If this book moves, compels, encourages, changes, or impacts you in any way, however subtly, that impact will reverberate outwardly and forever into the future.

Who knows what impact those butterfly wings will have?’

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