Suzanne Byrd

ADHD and Girls

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In this introductory guide to ADHD in girls, I cover the signs and symptoms of ADHD in girls; how ADHD is affected by adolescence and puberty; and also the way in which ADHD differs in boys and girls. Lastly, I cover how to provide support to your child/student given the particular ways in which ADHD is experienced in girls. This introductory guide is aimed as a primer to the subject, and I have referenced research papers/other websites throughout this book. The key thing to remember is that ADHD is a real developmental disorder experienced by girls and women, and the way in which it is experienced differs from boys. It is important to validate the experiences of girls, as all to often their signs and symptoms are ignored for a variety of reasons. This book is part of the effort to redress the balance and provide the much needed support to girls suffering from ADHD.
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Suzanne, England, UK.
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