Jonathan Wilson

Future Leader: Rebooting Leadership to Win the Millennial and Tech Future

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If you have been granted the privilege and the opportunity to lead a team, then this book is for you. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are being radically and permanently reshaped by two external forces: generational churn and rapid technological advancement. The force of generational churn refers to the movement of the generations through the workplace. The force of rapid technological advancement refers to technology that is reshaping and redefining what the work is and how it gets done. These forces are exerting enormous stress on leadership models that, according to the research, are already underperforming. The result is that our organizations are not as productive or as profitable as they could be. The response? We need a full leadership reboot to win in this time of rapid change. In this book, Jonathan Wilson, a Generation X leader with substantial experience in both the public and private sectors, shares a new leadership model that leaders can start implementing right away to effectively counter the forces of the generations and technology. The ideas found in the Future Leadership Framework may feel counterintuitive at first, but we are in unprecedented times. We can improve productivity and profitability. We can help our organizations effectively transition from the reality of today to the promise of tomorrow. But to do so, we must reboot how we lead. This book will show you how.
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