James Mesmer

Hypnosis for Overthinking

You've Been Sitting Up All Night With Erratic Thoughts? Is Over-Thinking Keeping You In A State Of Anxiety? Would You Think It's Hard To Relax?Overthinking can be extremely damaging to your mental and physical well-being. An endless cycle of thoughts, especially troubling and disturbing ones, deprives you of sleep. This induces tension, exhaustion, and anxiety that also manifest physiologically.
A cluttered mind and an inability to think clearly also have a negative impact on your professional life–lack of concentration and the ability to stay organized makes it hard to stay on top of things at work, meaning missed deadlines, cluttered presentations, and costly mistakes. You may feel like there is no way to turn off your own thoughts and break the cycle of giving yourself stuff to worms.
Let's be frank, how many times did you think about something that never happened to your brain cells? Please, let me get this around! You're worried about losing a major client that you never end up losing. You're concerned about being laid off while you're busy and kind boss doesn't have plans to fire you. Although it is prudent and pragmatic to try to avoid problems, you need to recognize and agree that some of these will never happen. So, you might as well spend some of that time on being more efficient and focusing on your life goals.
Do you want to clear your head and take control of your thoughts?This Audiobook is for you, then.
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James Mesmer


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