Jimmy Mathew

Success Tips: Training for Scrum Master Certifications

This book is prepared keeping Scrum Master certification assessment in mind and follows scrum as described in the The Scrum Guide.
This course covers all major topics in scrum framework but the focus is Preparation for Scrum Master Certification Assessments.
This includes a session on scrum process in the first module, but this is not a basic scrum training. A basic understanding of scrum framework is recommended. This course focus on major topics in Scrum Master Certifications and discuss how to approach questions from each area.
Topics covered are
Course introduction
Scrum refresher
Topic 1: Addressing questions from topic - Scrum Roles
Product Owner
Scrum Master
Development Team
Handling Conflicts
Topic 2: Addressing questions from topic - Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
Topic 3: Addressing questions from topic - Scrum Events
Scrum Events
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
The Sprint
Other Meetings
Topic 4: Addressing questions from Scrum Basics and other Topics
Scrum basics
Other Topics of Interest
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Jimmy Mathew


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