Travis Saunders

Win the eSports Career Game: 7 paths into the industry

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Do you want to WIN at eSports through an amazing career move?
eSports or computer gaming has come a long way into 2021. The games industry has grown from pure leisure to serious competitive sport. There are eSports superstars throughout the world making a serious income from playing computer games either individually or as part of sponsored and supported teams
In our "WIN the eSports Career Game" we highlight 7 paths into the world of eSports. This is a growing and massively popular industry. Your options may not be what you think and this book shows you why, how and outlines what you might earn.

Learn the skills needed for the 7 possible pathsLearn what each role in the path needs for you to succeed!Focus on your experience to pick a suitable pathExplore the ways you may not have thought of to get into eSports
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