Short Story Press,Valerie Lizotte

Short Story Press Presents An Unexpected Revenge

Mark is handsome, and he knows it. He is also ruthless and arrogant. It is often a very dangerous combination, and Mark is no exception. He uses his good looks to seduce beautiful women and do terrible, unspeakable things to them. He enjoys it immensely and considers this occupation the real purpose of his life.
Then, one night, as he is on the prowl for his next victim, he spots Jasmine. She is beautiful and intriguing, and he wants her. Her appetite for life is an irresistible turn-on for Mark. Soon he makes his move, and Jasmine lets herself be seduced by that handsome, confident, and refined man. They go back to her place.
After an amazing night spent with Jasmine, things unexpectedly start to change for Mark. Strange, unsettling, inexplicable things start happening to him. His apartment is no more the sanctuary it used to be. He first tries to deny it, but he soon finds himself afraid of stepping into his apartment and, worse, questioning his sanity as he comes to believe that Jasmine is behind what is happening to him.
Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.
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