Moses Omojola

Receiving Divine Health, Healing, Deliverance, Success And Breakthroughs Through Hospitality And Giving

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The dream of every man on earth is to enjoy divine health, success and breakthroughs in all ramifications. But little did we realize that we can only attain this height as divine recompense through the love, giving and hospitality we sow to the lives of others. This can only be achieved when we understand that love is our ability to love someone who has no power to love us back.
Love is what we experience in any moment that we are with someone without having or believing any judgments about that person, “good” or “bad”. Love is complete acceptance; Love is completely unconditional. Love has no conditions, love is selfless.
In this book, “Receiving Divine Health, Healing, Deliverance, Success and Breakthroughs through Hospitality and Giving”, Author Moses Omojola demonstrates how you can receive divine supply in all areas of your life through commitment to hospitality and giving, with defiance to all forces around you that tend to discourage you from doing so. He points out that if you must truly succeed in life and remain on top, giving and hospitality are mandatory.
Our Daily Attitude Towards Hospitality And GivingWhat Can We Gain From Hospitality And Giving?What Are The Dangers Of Not Practicing Hospitality And Giving?How Hospitality And Giving Can Earn You Divine Health, Healing, Deliverance, Success And BreakthroughsAreas of relevance includes prayers for bobby, intercessory prayer, praying scripture, healing prayer, short prayers, prayer for protection, financial prayers, speaking in tongues, spiritual warfare prayers, prayers for finances, prosperity prayers, night prayers, prayer for, prayer point, prayer for favor, prayer for the dying, prayer for the sick, deliverance prayers, warfare prayer, prayer for money, prayers that avail much, prayer for blessings
Moses Omojola
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