John Gaspard

The Last Customer

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The request was a first for Eli Marks: “Can you help me make my tuba disappear?”Magician (and magic shop owner) Eli Marks is confronted with this odd demand just before he is about to close up shop for the day.
Over the next few tense minutes, he finds a solution to that question which also, fortunately, puts him the positive side of what turns out to be a life-or-death situation.
★★★★★ Praise for the Eli Marks Mystery Series
“An intriguing cross between noir and cozy, with fascinating details about magic tricks and plenty of quirky characters. An easy, enjoyable read for mystery buffs seeking a bit of an escape from the usual crime fiction fare.” – Library Journal
“A finely-tuned, diabolical, sneaky, smart, stylish mix of magic and mayhem that plunges our hero Eli through a tangled web of danger and deceit that’ll keep you guessing.” – Steve Spill, Magician and Author of I Lie For Money
“With twists and turns, flurries of romance, and a cast of characters that seem to be the unholy spawn of The Maltese Falcon and The Third ManThe Miser’s Dream keeps the pages turning and the reader delighted from start to finish.” – Jeffrey Hatcher, Screenwriter, Mr. Holmes
“I loved this book. From beginning to end I was hooked. The story is fantastic and the cast leaves you wanting to know more. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.” – Bookschellves
“This is an instant classic, in a league with Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Arthur Conan Doyle.” – Rosebud Book Reviews
“Has as many tricks up its sleeve as its likeable magician-hero. As the body count rises, so does the reading pleasure.” – Dennis Palumbo, Author of the Daniel Rinaldi Mystery Series
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