Albert Piaget


Truly delight costumers and differentiate his own business...
...very business leader has to deal with it.
If you’re a business leader, you probably know exactly how these target can become difficult to reach.
But there’s a way to that: Aesthetic Intelligence (AI)
In additional to traditional and emotional intelligence, great leaders also need to develop Aesthetic Intelligence or AI.
It is not easy to give a definition of Aesthetic Intelligence.
This means knowing what good taste is and thinking about how your services and products stimulate all five senses to create delight.
However it is not about design, although design is important. It is not about beauty, because sometimes aesthetics can be less than beautiful, at least in the conventional definition of beauty, but still utterly compelling, exciting, and pleasurable.

This particular type of topic has to be explained by a good and simple guide.
That’s why “Aesthetic Intelligence: a Complete Guide to Help Business Leaders Build Their Business in Their Own Authentic and Distinctive Way” was created by Albert Piaget.
Here’s what you’ll find inside the guide:
⦁ the Aesthetic advantage
⦁ the use of senses
⦁ interpreting and reinterpreting personal style
⦁ the art of curating
⦁ the future of Aesthetics
...and much more!

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Albert Piaget


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