Barbara Hart,Jessica Harvey Iffly,Maa Jesie Wuer,Carmen M Higgs,Clarissa Barnard, Rusty Mcmavis

Sex Guide for Men Bundle: 6 in 1 Bundle, Asian Sex, Tantra, Bad Girl, Sex Addiction, Sexual, Erection

Do you have a fantastic sex life, or could it be improved?
Do you want to make sure you stay healthy and happy while enjoying great sex?
This audiobook will enhance your sex life with amazing tips and advice!
Our sex lives are important to us. As a part of a loving and happy relationship they can help to strengthen bonds, make us happier and more contented with one another and of course lead to expanding our family too. But sex can sometimes be complicated and even stressful when it isn'tworking like it should.
If you have ever wanted to improve your sex life, enjoy better and more natural sex or fix issues that have arisen in your relationship, this bundle holds the answers for you.
This six-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks:
1. Asian Sex: The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Hot, Sexy Asian Women
2. Tantra: Guide To Learning The Art of Tantric Sacred Sex
3. Bad Girl: Learn How To Get Girlfriend or Wife to Be Bad In The Bedroom
4. Sex Addiction: The Ultimate Guide To Overcome Porn Addiction, Pervert Obsession and Sexual Compulsion
5. Sexual: The Ultimate Guide that Will Transform Your Sex Life and Improve Your Sexual Health
6. Erection: Hot to Enjoy Longer Lasting and Harder Erections To Start Having The Best Sex Of Your Life
Get your copy of Sex Guide for Men Bundle: 6 in 1 Bundle today!
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