Grayson Wick

The Dark Triad

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Grayson Wick's 2nd edition of The Dark Triad explores The Dark Triad personality model: the go-to for psychologists and those studying negative personality trait since its creation in 1998. From its origins as a quantifiable grouping of darker psychological impulses, the model has been used extensively across academia and professional psychiatry over the past two decades.
In this short, accessible, guide discover the basic principles behind The Dark Triad model, it's origins and history and how it can help you learn and deal with encounters with individuals high in narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic traits. Covering both theory and practical advice beginners and intermediate readers alike will be able to learn about the characteristics, behaviors and research behind The Dark Triad and learn how to avoid manipulation.
From seemingly invisible gorillas to the infamous Milgram obedience experiments and new neurological research, learn more about the unusual world of The Dark Triad.
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