Honor Raconteur

Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!)

Humanity excels in finding ever creative ways to murder…
Car bombings as a means for murder was unheard of, unprecedented, and as far as Henri Davenforth knows, only one person in the entire world had ever seen the like before: his partner, the Shinigami Detective.
The case is transferred to them because this one calls for Jamie’s skills. But it turns out that not everything is as it appears on the surface. What should have been a straightforward murder might have some very murky motives behind it, and the further that the two investigate, the stranger the case becomes.
Now the Royal Mage of Kingston is involved, as well as the Kingsmen, bad charms are flying about, and the situation’s going from bad to worse. Their two murder victims created some bad magic, and it’s spreading like a disease throughout the city, killing other people in its wake. Henri’s desperate to track it down, to end it. He’s afraid that if they don’t react fast enough, even more death and explosions will follow in short order.
And thousands will die in the aftermath.
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