Joseph Brand


Without a doubt, I dare say that everyone's dream during adult life is to achieve financial freedom, not having to worry about keeping a job, following their own rules and being a dream-maker. Believe me this is possible, all you need is to have an idea apart from perfection and some perseverance, soon, in a few months or years, you will be enjoying a fruitful life, saying goodbye to stress completely.
My purpose with this audiobook is to show people that a dream life is not just a product of the imagination, it is something real, that it is there, and that it is a matter of time to achieve it. Do you know what is the difference is between a dreamer and an achiever? At some point in our lives, we dream, but what happened? What happened to those dreams that we long for now? Well, it happens that someone else saw an opportunity and became a winner.
Start now.
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Joseph Brand


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