Lynda Hudson

Flying Without Fear

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Do you find yourself so nervous about flying that you avoid travelling? Or do you force yourself to fly despite the experience being difficult or even traumatic? Do you want to find a natural way to ease your fears so you can enjoy travelling to beautiful destinations across the world?
If so, then this could be the solution you are looking for. This self-hypnosis session is designed to help you both in preparation for a flight and for use on the day itself. Using powerful suggestive techniques you will learn to associate the routines, sensations and sounds of flying with positive experiences, enabling you to feel calm and in control. Through both conscious and subconscious suggestion, certain actions will become positive internal triggers to help you stay relaxed and happy during the entire flight, especially at take-off and landing.
Lynda Hudson's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages. A clinical hypnotherapist of many years standing, Lynda has helped thousands of people overcome a range of problems. Her work has been widely featured in the press and she has appeared on both TV and radio.
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