Marianna Elliott

The Power of Positive Change

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The Power of Positive Change: The Step by Step Guide on How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life, Discover the Necessary Changes You Can Make So You Can Live the Best Life Possible
If we look back at the history of the world in the last several centuries, we will discover the radical and abrupt changes in the knowledge and technology of humanity. In ancient times, many wise men have seen the impermanence of everything and they came to the conclusion that the only phenomenon is permanent changes. This idea is definitely true; likewise, it is apparent in the very nature of our existence.
In this audiobook, the concept of change is elaborated and guidelines on how to prepare oneself for the onset of changes are delineated. Learn some tips and advice on how to make positive changes in your life. Discover the changes you can make to live the best out of your life.
Here are some of the topics you will learn in this audiobook:
Confident (Prepare To Change, You Can Do It)Competence (Know How To Change)Communications (Let Others Know You Want To Change)Cooperation (Accept Opinions And Criticism)Creation (Take Action And Do it)You are capable of anything that you set out to accomplish as long as you have a level head and a realistic viewpoint. If we change from within, we can finally become the ideal person, we envision ourselves to be. If you want to learn more, download The Power of Positive Change Now!
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