It knows what scares you…
Enter a dreamscape of supernatural terror with Scare Street’s latest collection. This diabolical volume contains fifteen terrifying tales of fear and horror. And each story pulls you deeper into the realm of perpetual night.

There’s something eerily familiar about the shadowy landscape you find yourself in. The crumbling old house on the hill, the pale fog rolling through the cemetery, the stone gargoyles perched above ancient tombs…you swear you’ve been here before.

But as your breath quickens and your heart beats faster, you realize this is no déjà vu. Something has pierced your consciousness and delved into your darkest nightmares. The spirits have brought your greatest fears to life.

And now, they’re hunting you through the darkness…

This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains:

1. Down the Stairs by Lewis Brett Smiler
2. Polaroid by Tim Sturk
3. Feline Instinct by Justin Boote
4. Mother Spook by Elin Olausson
5. Review: The Let of Dark by Benjamin Gardner
6. Satan's Harley by Brian Malachy Quinn
7. Shadows of Time by Bradley Walker
8. The White Suits by Richard Beauchamp
9. The Moaning Caverns by Karl Melton
10. The Thing in the Dark by Faith Pierce
11. This Time of Night by Bill Davidson
12. The Black Pumpkin by Mike Weitz
13. The Lightning Dwellers by Michael Maguire
14. The Detective by J. M. White
15. Reading a New Book by Ron Ripley
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Scare Street


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