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DAVID GOGGINS | Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

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The mind is a powerful thing. It can be used as a tremendous source of good or a tremendous source of destruction in your life. The way you choose to train and use it could, quite literally, be the only thing keeping you from accomplishing your greatest ambitions.
Today, I am joined by former Navy SEAL, ultrarunner, endurance athlete, wildland firefighter, and all-around badass, David Goggins. We talk about starring down adversity, using challenges as the fuel to propel yourself forward, the sacrifices you'll need to make to be successful, race issues and political correctness in America, and how you can master your mind and defy the odds.
The man I have the privilege of introducing you to today, David Goggins, truly needs to no introduction.
Suffice it to say, David is one of the most insane human beings on the planet and someone I have respected and extremely inspired by over the past couple of years.
We've all watched his videos and most of us have read or listened to his latest book but having the opportunity to sit down face to face with him only increased my level of respect for what David has gone through, the odds he's overcome, and the incredible work he's been able to accomplish despite those odds being stacked against him.
Gentlemen, set this one on repeat as David and I have one of the most powerful conversations I've ever been part of.
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