Steve Lundquist

True Leadership . . . Where is It?

Our world is changing rapidly. Everything in today’s world is connected, except top leadership in BIG Business and BIG Politics, AND WE the PEOPLE. For good or bad, WE are on a collision course with OUR destiny. Top leadership is failing, but the leadership solution is within OUR power . . . OUR connection.
In True Leadership . . . Where Is It? Big Politics & Big Business,
Steve Lundquist makes the foundational case for:

Federal political process changes like:

Eliminating political parties
Eliminating Big Money in politics
Eliminating federal voting districts
Removing all lobbying from business sources
·        Creating citizen town halls to foster centrist understanding

Big Business process changes like:

Changing how the stock market works for Big Business
Changing Big Business strategies from short term to very long term
Linking Big Business industries in collaborative solutions
Inserting citizen delegates into industry groups to drive people-based solutions

Futuristic Sustainability solutions to address:

Global Warming
Health Care
You’ll want to read True Leadership . . . Where Is It? Big Politics & Big Business,
cover to cover and ponder for yourself, “How can we get this started?”
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