Rose Franken

Claudia, Volume 13

Since the inception of the soap opera on radio, various things have been part and parcel of that genre; melodrama, scandal and rumor, and enough deceit to fill a bathtub. In 1947, however, a new soap opera debuted, Claudia. This program, its entire run still in existence today, is a comedy/drama that was far different than the three-handkerchief weepers that occupied most of the daytime radio schedule. People tuned into Claudia for the interesting, fully developed characters, the light-hearted banter between them, and the familiarity of their day-to-day situations. This 13th Volume of Claudia from Radio Archives presents one of the gems of Classic Radio in the best audio quality possible. Claudia, Volume 13 is as much entertainment for today’s listeners as it was for those who first heard it in the 1940s.
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