Suchitra Bhattacharya

Maron Batash : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 38

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Private investigator Ms Progyaparomita Mukherjee aka Mitin, heard about a murder case from the deputy commissioner of detective department – Mr Anischoye Majumdar, at Kolkata Police HQ Lalbazar. The police chief felt that it was an open and shut case wherein a physically handicapped person – Mr Soumyarup Chowdhury, was supposedly murdered through air injected embolism by his own wife – Chitralekha. Mitin’s gut sense told her that something is amiss as the police had overlooked certain critical considerations although the circumstantial evidences were pointing to the accused.
Mitin spoke to the accused at the police lockup and then initiated her own investigation with permission from the police chief and met with three key witnesses at the residence of the Chowdhurys’ – Abhirup, the brother of the deceased, Samyarup’s mother and one octogenarian old blind lady, living in the adjoining flat of the Chowdhurys', to understand their respective alibis on the night of the reported murder.
During her interrogation, Mitin’s eyes were drawn towards a photo voltaic wall clock at the neighbour’s house and suddenly she could see a pattern emerging in the carefully constructed maze of illusions and alibis. What did Mitin realize after finding the photo voltaic wall clock and what role did it play in solving the murder mystery??
Tune in to this intriguing detective thriller, based on the the legendary fictional woman sleuth "Mitin Masi" - an immortal creative legacy from Suchitra Bhattacharya in this crime suspense from "My StoryGenie" Bengali Audiobooks series.


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