John Mucai

Archetypes of Human Existence

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Out of the more than seven billion people who inhabit the earth, no two are exactly the same. Even tweens have differences. And yet, the behavior of human beings can be reduced to a few archetypes. At the heart of the matter, each human being is one single entity comprised of a mind and a physical body. A mind that yearns for happiness and a body that longs for sustenance. The interplay of these two needs creates the different archetypes of humans. This book explores a few of the archetypes. It discusses how the ideas around archetypes converge to offer a new perspective on fundamental questions that existentialists have been grappling with for ages. The people described in the second chapter of the book are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance of their names to real people is purely coincidental. However, the characters are real and live among us. You may recognize some of them in your local community, your network of friends, or even in other human networks to which you are directly or indirectly connected.
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