Rita Chester

Emotional Maturity

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Find out what it takes to be emotionally mature.
Some people get older and never grow up. Others are very mature for their age. How can you determine when someone is really emotionally mature? And is there a way to become more mature faster?
Learn to be more mature now!
We all know those people whom we consider to be mature. We all recognize it immediately. Women even claim it is one of the most important traits they look for in a partner. But how come we sometimes have a hard time pointing out why some people are more mature than others? What if you could define maturity and then work toward becoming responsible, empathetic, conscious, rational thinkers and doers?
In this audiobook, you will find answers to these questions, as well as other intriguing subtopics such as:
Proven strategies to help you mature faster and more naturally in a step-by-step process. The reason why it can be bad for teenagers to mature too early. The most important traits of an emotionally mature person.How priorities change and why this matters as we get older. Maturity in love, romance, and relationships. Why some people can’t or refuse to grow up. Interesting anecdotes about embracing reality, being in the present, having integrity, and behavioral patterns.What happens in the brain when we mature (or don’t). And much more!
Don’t miss this comprehensible explanation of emotional maturity and everything that goes along with it. We can all grow up a little more, in a good way, and become less childish without losing our childlike ability to enjoy life and have fun.
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