Zoey Arielle Poulsen

The Joy of Minimalism

It’s natural to love stuff! More than that, it’s natural to love your stuff: that notebook from 8th grade, your Disney VHS, mismatched socks. They all have sentimental value…and they all take up space. Author and YouTuber Zoey Arielle opens up about her struggle with loving all the things in life we bring home.
A hoarder in disguise, Arielle has mastered the tools needed to embrace simplicity and the minimalist philosophy. Life can stress anyone out. So, by embracing minimalism, you’ll be saying goodbye to stress and everything that you never needed anyway. Discover a greater focus and true freedom as you live your new life with a real sense of gratitude for everything and everyone around you.
Poulsen describes how to simplify the act of letting go while sharing her personal journey into this calmer sense of life. Beyond offering specific tips on transitioning, she also invites the listener to journal their new awakening. Minimalism is more than a movement or fad: it’s a sense of happiness and practice that brings individuals closer to their true selves.
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