Christy Belz

Oh God of Second Chances, Here I Am Again

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Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am Again is part self improvement, part memoire based on Christy Belz's decades of work in helping people overcome challenges and their inner critics in their lives as a social worker and women's leadership and empowerment coach. It is a book about falling down and having the courage to get up and do it again. It is about having courage, vulnerability, and heart. Through personal stories of her own and additional voices from featured TEDx Talk women who Christy helped coach onto the stage, she shares raw, honest, and meaningful stories to help readers walk their journey to a full, authentic self. Starting with leading from the heart, Christy takes the reader through the twists, turns, stumbles, and successes of her own personal journey and shares the wonderful array of tools and techniques that have helped transform her life and the lives of those with whom she has worked. Filled with practices designed to help the reader pause, connect with their heart, step more fully into themselves, practice insane courage, and live more fully as their authentic, absolutely powerful, and beautiful self.
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