Paula Constant

The Votive Crown

Spain, 687 A.D: In the southern province of Granada, three children form an unlikely friendship. A despicable act by the king’s bastard son changes their destinies forever. As adults, their decisions will determine the fate of a crumbling kingdom.

Yosef is preparing to leave Granada on a trading mission to the East. His friend, wild, silent Laelia, is unsure of her betrothal to the aristocratic Theo.

Then Oppa, scheming son of the new Visigoth king, comes south, hungry for riches and for blood.

Within days, Laelia is wounded, Theo enslaved, and Yosef has fled a false accusation of murder.

The only honour left lies in their loyalty to each other. But as the fate of their country hangs in the balance, Yosef’s perilous journey through the Arab lands of North Africa becomes desperately important – and loyalty becomes a choice.

The first full length novel in the epic Visigoths of Spain series, set amid the 7th century Arab conquest of North Africa and the rise of Arabic Al Andalus.. By the bestselling author of Slow Journey South and Sahara.

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