The Xals do things to the girls who try to run...bad things they don’t necessarily recover from.
I’ve grown up my whole life knowing that after a woman turns 21 in my settlement, she must submit to being mated by our alien overlords, the Xalthurians. Running from the mating ceremony means punishment...or worse.
But I’m the freak. The one nearly everyone else in our struggling human settlement either makes fun of or pities. To help my only true friend in the village, I try to escape my fate. I run.
One alien warrior finds me, though. And as it turns out, resistance is very, very futile.
You see, my alien overlord is huge, golden, and determined to keep what he's stolen. Me.
Please note: This is a first encounter story with an alien who does not know or care about our human laws and boundaries. If that’s the kind of sensitive alien you’re looking for, this hot romance is not for you. T’Kan is not that kind of extraterrestrial.
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