Kaylyn Dunn

The Twisted Secrets of the Leadership

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“You are a Huntress. You value honor and righteousness. You did your duty. And, I have never been more proud of you.”
The Leadership. An organization for and by people who have devoted their lives to protecting humanity from the vile creatures known as Witches. They have put in place meticulously structured guidelines, rules and orders for the sole purpose of achieving that one goal. The flow of operations runs as smoothly as a well-tuned orchestra; but don’t be deceived, the Leadership is far from valiant. Behind its gold-plated exterior is a rusted fist, clenched chokingly around their victims. Or as they call them, Hunters.
The Leadership has hidden all of its secrets behind a thick coating of manipulation, and centuries of brainwashing. They have perfected the art of allegiance through fear; compliance through exploitation; and conformity through condemnation. However, all they have tried to hide will be revealed through five broken but undefeated souls: Eddie. Angel. Caieta. Benzi. And Loyce. The hard way, they had to learn that nothing is sacred but the sole objective. And no one is safe. Not even the purebred soldiers they call children.
“We thank you for your Sacrifice.”
Kaylyn Dunn
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